Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 Progress

I thought I would review my New Years list from last year and see how I did on my goals. I had so many plans but then life happened and I traveled to Kansas City and NYC where my husband was working plays, then I spent the summer relaxing, then work started in September and I became very busy, etc etc. I know, they are excuses. So here is my progress and new goals for 2011!

1. Sign up for a Spanish course
Sad, I did not do this and this is a BIG goal of mine. This goal stays for 2011.
2. Practice Urdu
Uhhh, Ap ka kya hal hai!? Teek hai? yeah, I practiced a little during my 10 days in Pakistan, but this is also a goal that needs to stay.
3. Stretch for at least 10 minutes every day
Nope..this only happened when I went to the gym (so 3-4x/wk). The goal was really to stretch at home, but it is highly unlikely that it will happen in 2011 .
4. Drink more water
Check! (yes, i know I didn't write the goal so it is measurable, but trust me...I am drinking more water!)
5. Eat more greens and less chocolate (I'm anticipating this will be the hardest for me!)
Um, I'm doing the first part for sure! (smile)
6. Sell at least 35 pieces on Etsy in 2010 (I sold 18 necklaces/bracelets in 1009)
I sold about 21...still working!
7. Read at least 25 books (I know this is low number, but still higher than my 12 books this year!)
Sigh. I failed miserably. I didn't even make it halfway. Maybe my goal for 2011 will be to read 15. :/
8. Take (and pass) the Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) exam
Nope...I finished the hours but really need to sign up for and take the exam.
9. Meet my parents-in-law
YES!!! - Met this goal twice!!! :)
10. Paint
Yes! Started painting and need to do more!
11. Pay off my grad school loans (this will also be a BIG task but I think we can do it!)
Didn't reach this goal, only because of a special circumstance, but my goal now is to have it paid off by the end of March.

Well, I still have quite a bit to work on for 2011. I might also add a goal of more travel....either to South Africa or to Turkey. hmmm....

What goals do you have?


  1. Great post! Its amazing that you accomplished some of those at all coz lord knows its easy to veer off the path.

  2. yay! keep going, you'll get there. and you learnt the most important word in urdu - bas! ;)