Monday, December 6, 2010

Dear Santa,

I attended my first bazaar on Saturday. I stayed up almost all night beading and putting stuff together only to have not sold a single item!! I couldn't believe it! However, this is a new bazaar and it seemed that many of the shoppers were teachers or parents at the school and were there for the singing and other activities. Who knows. At least I have more stuff to add to my Etsy site (Conscious Creativity), so continue to check it throughout the week! And while you're on there...check out my wish list from other Etsy artists! Here are a few of my faves:

I love MANY of the vintage necklaces at FreshyFig, such as the feather lariats or owl necklaces. However, I especially love the Turquoise Blue Birds with Lockets like this one...

Yea, I know I could never afford this purse, but I can still admire, right? From Scotatto

Ok, this beret is more affordable and I know this person! Love the removable pin! From Fancydress

I've been looking for a travel journal for my upcoming trip and I think the fabric is beautiful on this journal from Parkside Harmony

But I also like this one and the fact that it has "sections" - From A Bound Book

p.s. Santa, I also love clothes and trips to warm places! ;)


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