Sunday, April 19, 2009

One Man's Trash is Another's Treasure....

Since my last blog was about Andy Goldsworthy's work, I was still thinking about how art can be very inexpensive to create, unobtrusive to it's environment (or good for the environment!), and even more accessible than it usually is. This is why I like Earth Art and Recycled Art, which can often be found outside and not in an expensive, ritzy museum. Recycled art can be made from found objects, trash, recycled metal, etc. Recycled art can be anything from a clothing item or accessory (I'm sure you've all seen wallets made from tape or purses made from recycled plastic bags), it can be a sculpture, a 2-dimensional piece to hang on your wall, or a functional object (i.e. a lamp or a coat rack made from recycled objects).

- If you work with children, or have kids, here are some ideas for art projects at KinderArt.Com.
- is a cool website with neat, environmentally friendly gifts. Here are a few of my favorite....

Recycled Bracelet

Recycled Business Card Case

Recycled Elephant Toy

Monday, April 6, 2009

Earth Art

Let me begin by saying that I love earth art and Andy Goldsworthy is in my top 5 favorite artists. He is an artist and environmentalist who lives in Scotland. His work is created completely from the nature and he uses everything from leaves and twigs to snow and stone. While some of his works are permanent, most are not and change and decay over time. Thus, he takes photos of his work to show how they change with the seasons or weather. Some works, he had to re-do several times before he completed the project, because of environmental conditions. I highly recommend the documentary, Rivers and Tides, to understand how he creates his work. Here are a few examples, which I hope will encourage you to explore Goldsworthy's work more on your own....