Monday, January 10, 2011

Pakistani Art

I just returned from my first trip to Islamabad, Pakistan. It was such a wonderful trip, visiting with my husband's parents and sister, and getting to know them better. I learned a lot through our conversations and outings. One of my favorite things, of course, was seeing all the beautiful arts, crafts, and architecture!! I couldn't help but buy some of beautiful textiles, necklaces, or carvings I saw....just doing my part to help the economy in Pakistan! ;) And now I will do my part to share a LITTLE bit of the beauty of Pakistani art with you, friends!....keep in mind that Pakistan is surrounded by other countries (India, China, Iran, Afghanistan) who have influenced the arts and architecture of the country.

Said Pur Village: This is a very old village in Islamabad, but it is being renovated in order to bring more tourists in.

Faisal Mosque: One of the largest mosques in the world, designed by a Turkish architect.

Carved door at Heritage Museum: There are many wood carvings that you can see in the architecture, as well as in handicrafts, such as the beautiful plates and boxes in the last picture below.

Wooden, painted chairs: These are from a small village in Rawalpindi. The old style of bed, found more in small villages, can also still be seen. The legs are carved and painted colorfully, but the "mattress" is woven like a hammock (similar to the seat of these chairs).

Textiles: This artist is weaving on an old style loom. I learned to do this in college but I don't remember - It's very complicated.

Mosaics and tiles: Many buildings and walls are intricately decorated with colorful, complex mosaic designs. This is just the washing area at Faisal Mosque. I only have a drawing in my journal to show the beautiful walls inside the mosque.

A gift for Dad: A wooden bowl that has been painted and carved.

A gift for Mom: Turquoise earrings, a paper mache bird egg, and a ceramic pitcher from the in-laws.

Carvings, and textiles, and jewelry, oh my! There are just so many beautiful textiles and handicrafts in Pakistan that it is hard to pack lightly!

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  1. It's all very beautiful! I'm so glad you finally made it there! I'm still hoping we might go to Norway some day and you can see the amazing wood carving, glass works, textiles, painting, filigree jewelry, and gorgeous fjords (and meet all your cousins)!