Tuesday, April 27, 2010


(This is the first piece of art I ever sold)

April seems to be a good month for me! I have received several custom jewelry orders, sold a couple of items, and finally set up a Jewelry/Art party! I have been trying to make at least one jewelry or art piece each evening and the creative juices just keep flowin! I think it also helps that I am doing an art project at school with my students so I am just inspired and motivated all around.

Which brings me to this topic: Where do people find inspiration in their work and/or hobbies?

Inspiration for my art:
(1) I am most inspired by seeing other artist's work. I aways bring a tiny sketchbook or notepad with me when I go to art exhibits and especially art festivals.
(2) Taking classes has also been inspiring for me, probably because I'm around other artists and seeing other's art (similar to above), but also because my brain is being coaxed to stretch out.
(3) The beauty in nature inspires me to paint and architecture/bridges/lines inspire me to take photos (although I am a bad photographer)!
(4) Selling my art. I do get a "fix" when someone buys one of my pieces...there is just something about another person validating your work and beautiful and valuable.

Inspiration for my work (social work):
(1) Connections with young people is the absolute best....having students excited to see me and tell me their stories is WONDERFUL and I love hearing from them after they have left the school.
(2) Seeing young people make it through difficult situations and the challenges that life presents. And when the young person is excited that they overcame the challenge - That is the cherry on top!
(3) Watching something "click" - For a student or teacher.
(4) It melts my heart when young people (or adults, for that matter) reach out to someone else. For example, when one of my 1st graders asks a peer what is wrong or one of my 8th graders comes to me for advice for a friend. Awwwww!

What's your inspiration?


  1. I love this painting and wish you would do more impressionist work! Christmas is coming!!! This reminded me that I have some things to share with you from the weekend in Port Townsend - a little more inspiration for you!