Friday, January 22, 2010

Special Delivery

Those who know me, know that I love to give handmade gifts. Most of my family and friends have at least one necklace, painting, wall decoration, textile gift, or at the very least, a card, that I have made....and my parents and grandparents have tons! I love the challenge of making a handmade gift that will fit that special person's personality and style, match the colors of their home, or will just mean something special to them. And I especially love seeing them open the gift!

Well, my most recent gift is a little different. My sister-in-law is on her way to Pakistan as I type, and with her, she has a necklace that I made for my mother-in-law (as well as some other things for both her and my wonderful father-in-law). But, this handmade gift is a little different because I have never met my mother-in-law. I only have an idea of who she is, from stories her children have told me, emails I have received, pictures I have seen, and one struggled telephone conversation.

This is what I know about her: * She is a kind person * a quiet soul *strong * a loving, nurturing mother * city girl * hard worker * she is calm and gentle * levelheaded * she stands up for her family and beliefs * brave * selfless * determined * respectful of nature * protective * a wonderful cook * she doesn't complain * she is humble * and she loves me and calls me beta (daughter) even though she has never met me. This may seem like I know a lot, but really it is only a sliver, especially when you make a necklace that is supposed to reflect a person's style and essence.

I find myself nervous about her receiving the gift and partly glad that she can open it privately, so that I don't have to be watching her, nervous that she won't like it, although I know enough to know that she would love it anyways because she is like that, and she would think it is wonderful just because it is homemade and from me...and because she is a mom...and I'm pretty sure that all moms are like that, regardless of culture. But I still whisper a prayer that she likes it....



  1. Gosh honey, i got very watery eyed reading this post. I would like to send it to Shabeen, and maybe she can read it to my mom.

    I just spoke to my mom and dad on the phone, and they loved all the gifts, and yes my mum LOVED the necklace, and yes particularly because you made it yourself. She said its 'beautiful and delicate and perfect for a woman of my age.' She also mentioned that she particularly appreciated that you made it yourself.

    Both her and my dad really really liked the Kalabash/Gourd from Peru because they have some larger similar ones from Africa.

    I love you

  2. Ohhh, I'm glad she liked it! :) and that they liked the gourd. Did your dad laugh at the mug!? :)

  3. yes he did! he thought it was awesome!

  4. Malenita,
    You are so sweet. And I was going to reassure you that she loved the gift, but apparently you already know this. :)

    I know I appreciate all of the gifts I receive from you- including my new framed art.

    Thank you for your kindness, and sharing your gentle soul!!

    Hugs and Kisses, x's and o's