Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Resolutions

Well, I'd say that 2009 was a pretty great year. I celebrated a wonderful first year of marriage, traveled to Peru with my dad, I started cooking more and trying new vegetarian recipes, I started this blog and my Etsy site, and I've continued to work as a school social worker and keep pumping iron at the gym! However, there is always room for improvement! This is the first year I am writing New Years resolutions and I thought that if i post them, then I will be held more accountable than just thinking them in my head! ;) So here they are:

1. Sign up for a Spanish course
2. Practice Urdu
3. Stretch for at least 10 minutes every day
4. Drink more water
5. Eat more greens and less chocolate (I'm anticipating this will be the hardest for me!)
6. Sell at least 35 pieces on Etsy in 2010 (I sold 18 necklaces/bracelets in 1009)
7. Read at least 25 books (I know this is low number, but still higher than my 12 books this year!)
8. Take (and pass) the Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) exam
9. Meet my parents-in-law
10. Paint
11. Pay off my grad school loans (this will also be a BIG task but I think we can do it!)


  1. what about please my man all day and night?

    How did you sell all those necklaces back in the year 1009? I know you were older than me by far!!

  2. oops! 2009....haha. And are you saying I don't please you!?!! HMmmm???

  3. Great list, honey - except for you made a typo on #5 - should read "more" - not less! Chocolate is good for you, don't you know? It's full of flavonoids, a polyphenol antioxidant! Yummmm! :>

  4. yay mal! i wish you all the best- i'm confident that you will achieve ALL your goals!!