Monday, October 11, 2010

Why do you Donate?

Well, this blog is about conscious art, right? Well here is some conscious art:

Donate HERE.

My husband is an actor and writer. He used his artistic talents to co-write this piece with his sister, Kulsoom, and direct it. His friends volunteered their time and talents as well. In just 4 days, their hard work has almost raised their goal of $1000! We have been talking these last couple days about what motivates people to donate: the organization? the person asking? the time and work that went in to gathering donations (whether making a video or running a marathon), a personal connection, or maybe someone simply asking!?

So, I ask you, what prompts/inspires/motivates you to donate to your causes?

p.s. If you are motivated right now to providing safe drinking water, or maybe a minor surgery kit, or 675 vaccinations, it is just a click away: Donate at FirstGiving

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