Saturday, August 21, 2010

Oh, that sweet smell of oil and turpentine!

I came home the other day, and as soon as I walked in the door the smells took me back to my senior year of college, art building, 2nd floor, corner room with the big windows (all open, of course) overlooking the grassy front yard where the Sculpture students were setting up their newest projects, where you have to weave through the maze of easels and wet paintings and talk loudly over the sound of the vents and music playing just to be heard...oh, how I miss the Oil Painting Room (I'm giving it a proper name because it's that special - and this is my blog so I can write what I want).

But yes, many hours were spent in the Oil Painting Room - learning to use the staple gun and saw to build a canvas, mixing oils, learning to how to block the colors, trying to master Monet and Picasso (or even get just a little close). I look fondly back at that room, where I would stay until 3am before a project was due, thinking I could fool the teacher into thinking I finished my project on time (I was only kidding myself though...oils take a very long time to dry and you can't paint the next layer on top until the layer underneath has at least partially dried). It was a challenging class but so much fun.

Now I can take my own time. My parents gave me a very nice easel for my birthday last month...and so, after 6 years off, I am getting back to my real love in art - oils. When I came home the other day, the smell of oil paints in the living room made me smile with all the memories and I couldn't wait to add the next layer onto my painting. I just hope the smells make my husband smile too! ;)

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