Sunday, November 22, 2009

Teachers for Social Justice

Ok, I am totally energized! I attended the 9th annual Teachers for Social Justice (TSJ) curriculum fair this weekend and it keeps getting better every year! They had so many more workshops, exhibitors, and resource tables than ever before. This year TSJ members made some awesome t-shirts, so, of course, I had to get one. I also had to buy a beautiful necklace from Maya Essence. But most importantly, I met and networked with some amazing teachers and activists!

I attended an excellent workshop in the morning, titled "Exploring the Roots of Youth Violence: Curriculum Development Project." The Chicago Freedom School, Project NIA, TSJ, and Chicago Youth Igniting Change are partnering to develop a youth-led action research curriculum guide! The workshop was packed with a diverse group of youth allies who were interested in the deeper questions about the root causes of youth violence; how the economy, racism, justice system, etc. intersect with youth violence; what the link is between power and violence, and so on. The workshop participants had some great questions and ideas to add to this curriculum, and I am also hoping to get involved, and will send them my "Clothesline Project" that my students did a couple of years ago. The curriculum guide is scheduled to be ready in February and there will be grants for anyone who is interested in implementing the curriculum...and you can bet that I am going to be applying! :)

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  1. I am so excited to hear more about this sounds very inspiring. Good luck with the grant application, it sounds like you would be a perfect fit!