Thursday, August 13, 2009

Peruvian Textiles

I just returned from 2 weeks in Peru with my Dad and I am still in love with the handwoven textiles. I couldn't resist and had to buy just one! I bought this from a store in Ollantaytambo (near Machu Picchu) that helps native women preserve the traditions of Quechua weaving and pays fair wages through the Awamaki Weaving Project. You can meet the weavers on the website as well. They are all fairly young (I believe their group leader is 16 yrs old)...Felicitas Rios Cjuro is the woman who made my weaving!

All of the colors are natural (made from plant dyes) and it is all handmade. The symbols in many of these weavings are symbolic. The sun was very important to the incas, the condor was a symbol of spirituality, they used llamas or alpacas for food, clothes, instruments, etc.

If you would like to learn more about this organization (or perhaps learn to weave through their sustainable tourism initiative!) please visit the website above! They are also accepting gifts for children in the area, if you are visiting Machu Picchu soon.

Peru Textiles 2

Peru textiles 1


  1. yay! I love it and its great that its supporting local art work!