Friday, May 15, 2009

Mother bird

For Mother's Day I decided to make my mom a paper mache bird to sit inside (or out!) of her birdcage she has hanging in her dining room. Right now there is a plant in there (very cute decoration idea!) but she loves birds and now she has a new pet! I made a mold using paper and tape, and made wire legs to help it balance (or to allow the bird to grasp something). I used paper towels to paper mache because they are white and help to cover up the print on the newspaper, and it is easier to create a smooth surface because they are thinner than newspaper. I used an elmers glue/water paste so that the little bird won't mold (the easy flour pastes often will mold and you especially have to be careful in the wet Northwest!). Lastly, I used decorative paper and mod podge paste to add color to the bird and finished off with pins for the eyes! I also made a card to go with the gift and to giver her a little hint!

paper mache bird 3

paper mache bird 2

paper mache bird

Mother's Day Card


  1. I named my little Mother's Day blue bird "Frigi," which means "liberate, release, or free" in Norwegian, because she is a "free bird" living outside the cage! Thanks honey!

  2. Um where is your next post??